Font License Compliance Solutions

June 8th, 2013

If you’re not tracking font usage and license compliance in your organization, there is no better time to start than now. The financial and legal exposure is simply too great. Insider offers an industry-leading line of font management tools to help you in your quest for font license compliance.

Centralized, Server-Based Font Control

If you want to centrally control and distribute fonts to Macintosh and Windows users across your organization, you should be using FontAgent® Pro Server. It tracks license and purchase information for your fonts and alerts you when you distribute fonts to more users than you have licensed.

In addition, FontAgent Pro™ Server enables administrators to assign privileges to users and groups who are best suited to perform specific tasks and limit distribution of fonts to only those who need them. It is a quick and effective way to make sure you are in compliance with your license agreements and more easily manage your valuable font assets.

FontAgent Pro Server also tracks not only who receives fonts, but who activates them as well. This lets administrators know if users aren’t activating specific fonts so admins can redistribute them to other users who can make better use of them.

FontAgent ProScreenSnapz013

To stop unauthorized fonts from being distributed across their organizations, administrators can grant granular permissions that allow specific users to administer the font server, to upload fonts or to distribute fonts to users. For example, an administrator could grant rights to graphics department managers to create sets and add users to their groups, but not the right to upload or remove fonts from the server, thus giving that graphics manager power to organize fonts, while reserving license control for the purchasing or IT group.

Lock Down Fonts on User Desktops

Insider’s FontAgent Pro client software for Mac and Windows workstations provides complete font management that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation and design tools in a powerful, yet simple application for creative and business professionals. It also allows you to lock end-user systems so users cannot add or remove fonts, preventing “rogue” or unauthorized fonts from entering project workflows.

To further prevent users from circumventing enterprise font-management policies, Insider offers Get the Font Out™, an application that stops users from adding fonts to Macintosh system fonts.

Be Prepared for Font Audits

A font audit is never fun. Even if you can ultimately prove that you have been in compliance with license agreements, the time and effort expended in demonstrating that fact can be staggering. This is because in a software audit, there is no presumption of your innocence. But with FontAgent Pro Server, you can provide evidence of compliance by just printing a simple report from the server’s constantly-maintained font usage log.

Get Control of Your Fonts Now

For more information on how Insider can help you with enforcing license compliance and your 
other font management challenges, or for a free 30-day trial of Insider products, please visit or contact us.

Layers Magazine: “FontAgent Pro is arguably the best font manager for the Mac”

March 16th, 2013

Layers Magazine has awarded FontAgent Pro a 4.5 out of 5 diamond rating saying “FontAgent Pro is arguably the best font manager for the Mac.”

Layers is created by the Kelby Media Group, the same people that bring you Photoshop User magazine, Photoshop World, the Adobe Seminar Tour and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, of which many members are already loyal FontAgent Pro users.

David Creamer of Layers cited FontAgent Pro’s new Glyph View, Adobe Creative Suite 6 auto-activation plug-in support and and additional Apple Script capabilities as reasons for the high rating. Other standout features mentioned were FontAgent Pro’s FontPlayer, font compare and ability to print customized specimen books of your font collection.

For more information on how Insider can help you with enforcing license compliance and your 
other font management challenges, or for a free 30-day trial of Insider products, please visit or contact us.

FontAgent Pro 5 Delivers Features, CS6, Mountain Lion

August 1st, 2012

Insider is proud to announce the availability of FontAgent Pro 5 for Macintosh, which delivers a bevy of new features to streamline your creative workflow including new font viewers, 650 open source fonts, Smasher, and support for Adobe CS6 and the Mountain Lion.

New in FontAgent Pro 5

  • Adobe CS6 auto-activation plug-ins for InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and InCopy
  • Automatic Smasher integration for font, print and application cache maintenance
  • Improved and simplified user interface
  • Glyph Player with drag-and-drop character insertion
  • Updated FontSavant and MagicMatch for precise font selection
  • Streamlined Font Player operation with auto-play, speed-control and one-click font sample book creation
  • Enhanced support for Apple’s high-res retina displays
  • 650 open source fonts from the Google web fonts collection
  • Enhanced font integrity checking
  • Auto-gather all fonts on your Mac
  • Font activation and usage report for tracking font license compliance

New User Interface Provides Easy Font Access

The new UI in FontAgent Pro 5 provides easy access to smart tools and complex font searches. Manage projects faster using customizable toolbars and extensive help screens. Take full advantage of the new high-res retina displays from Apple. V5 also includes an all-new Glyph View, which works like the Font Player, enabling you to display glyph sets for any font and play through all your fonts with a click.



Free, Open Source Print and Web Fonts

FontAgent Pro 5 also includes 650 free print and web fonts from the Google open source fonts library. We’ve already verified the integrity of the fonts and eliminated corrupt and low-quality one that would cause snags in your workflow.

System Support and Requirements

• Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.6 or later
• Supports all Mac OS X fonts – Open Type, Type 1, dfont, Mac and Windows TrueType
• Supports local and networked home directories
• Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe CS3 to CS6, and QuarkXPress 6 to 9

FontAgent Pro 4 users can upgrade to V5, Smasher and the open source fonts in the Insider online store for US$49.95. FontAgent Pro 3 users can upgrade at US$49.95 until October 31, and other users can get the new release for US$99.95.

Announcing the First Cloud-Based Font Server

June 5th, 2012

Insider is proud to announce FontAgent Pro CloudServer, the industry’s first and only cloud-based font server and the latest member of its industry-leading font-server family. Insider’s new CloudServer brings easy, economical font management to enterprises, agencies, departments and businesses of all sizes. It delivers font-management consistency, power and expandability across entire organizations while providing users the font search, preview and activation power they require—all in the cloud!

Eliminate Infrastructure and Administration Costs via the Cloud

With FontAgent Pro CloudServer you don’t need to purchase, manage and maintain hardware to implement a font-server solution. Instead, you can manage fonts across your organization using cloud-based services over the Internet. No server software installation and no network configuration required. Just log into the CloudServer from a Mac or Windows client and start managing your fonts.

FontAgent Pro Cloud Server is perfect for creative groups that want the benefits and power of a professional font server without the associated hardware and administrative costs. At the same time, the CloudServer is a dependable, cost-effective solution for IT groups wishing to outsource their organizations’ font-management infrastructure.

Simple, Powerful Font Server Solution

FontAgent Pro CloudServer delivers the simplicity and power required to manage fonts across enterprises of any size. Its comprehensive capabilities empower you to:

  • Maintain a centralized, cloud-based library of verified fonts
  • Synchronize fonts across all their users
  • Forego the cost and administration of font server hardware and software
  • Get free client and server software updates as they become available
  • Enjoy free access to a wide range of free fonts including Google web fonts
  • Subscribe to font management services for a low, predictable fee

Latest Member of the FontAgent Pro Server Family

FontAgent Pro CloudServer joins the FontAgent Pro Server family of products, which includes an Enterprise Server for installation on enterprise networks, and a TeamServer for use in agencies, businesses and workgroups. All of these FontAgent Pro Servers enable organizations to automate the distribution and updating of fonts, manage font licenses, and ensure smooth creative workflow.

For more information on FontAgent Pro CloudServer, click here or contact Insider Software.