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Smasher 2: New and Newsworthy

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

The next generation of Smasher has arrived. And it includes a number of new features that make it even easier to solve your toughest font challenges including a simpler user interface, a new font verification engine, improved support for Adobe CS5 and expanded font preview capabilities.

New Font Verification and Validation Engine
Smasher 2 includes an all-new font validation and verification engine identifies problem fonts and eliminates them before they can cause you and your favorite applications major aggravation.

Support for Adobe Creative Suite 5 Cache Clearing
This new version of Smasher includes new support for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 application caches. Smasher 2 also continues to clear caches for earlier versions of the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as QuarkXpress, Microsoft Office applications, CUPS spool files and Mac OS X system caches—and it allows you to do so manually or on a regular, scheduled basis.

Expanded Font Preview Capabilities
Smasher 2 includes expanded font preview capabilities including the ability to define and display custom text strings at varying sizes, so you can see exactly how text will appear in your projects.

Simpler, Cleaner User Interface
Smasher’s updated interface makes it easier to access its many features. The main window, caches window and smash scheduler window have all been redesigned based on user testing to be simpler and more straightforward. Smasher 2 also includes a new look-and-feel with updated icons that are easier to view and recognize.

WYSIWYG Font Lists
Smasher now lists typefaces in their native outlines, so what you see is what you get—every time.

Archive Original Fonts
Smasher now gives you the ability to archive a copy of the original fonts into a zip file or to a disk image, making it fast and easy to back up your font collection.

Automatic Application Updater
Smasher 2 updates itself automatically when Insider releases a new version, freeing you from having to manually download new software and run its associated installer.

For More Information
To learn more about Smasher 2 or to get a free trial, visit

Font Caches: #1 Font Management Problem

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The number-one issue that Insider technical support specialists deal with is not even caused by Insider products. Instead, the top problem we solve has to do with troublesome little files called font caches.

A little about font caches

Font caches are data files that help your OS and applications speed the display of text on your screen. You can open and examine most cache files with a text editor because they often just list font files or their properties. Mac OS has its own cache files, as do applications in software suites such as Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, Apple iWork and Microsoft Office.

Every time you activate or deactivate a font, these cached lists need to be updated or activated fonts might not appear available in many applications. In addition, when the updates don’t occur, the cache files easily become corrupt or damaged–or simply fall out of sync with their associated applications–and cause additional application instability.

It is difficult to tell if a cache is corrupt simply by looking at the file. Often the first indication is bizarre or unexpected behavior in your applications. So how can we go about solving this pesky issue?

In comes Smasher


Smasher provides preventive font maintenance for your Mac OS X design applications and acts as a companion technology to your existing font manager, such as FontAgent Pro. Smasher is an essential utility for anyone who uses a lot of fonts because it clears your font and application caches on a regular, scheduled basis. So you can install Smasher, set its preferences to clear your caches at every reboot, and say goodbye to cache problems for good.

Every time you reboot, Smasher removes old cache files. Then, as Mac OS X and your applications launch, they create new cache files that better reflect the activation status of the fonts on your system. So fonts show up in your application menus as they should, and you are better  protected against display problems, garbled fonts, strange font substitution, printing problems and application crashes.

Smasher also performs routine maintenance on CUPS print spool files and other temporary system files to keep your Mac running smoothly. To learn more about Smasher or to download a demo of this handy utility, click here.